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Diversified Employment Promotion Programme

The programme helps enterprises hire people with disabilities by promoting diversity policies and by running a dedicated support center where people with disabilities can work in a suitable environment. Thanks to the program, 10 000 people with disabilities were hired.

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The challenge

People with disabilities often face obstacles to adapt to jobs in enterprises. At the same time, enterprises struggle to recruit and manage people with disabilities, despite their qualifications.


FESCO, a member of CAFST, in cooperation with associations for people with disabilities and public authorities at various levels, developed an innovative employment support centre for people with disabilities. Rather than working at the user company, the individuals hired work at the center, in an environment fitted to their specific needs. Enterprises that have commissioned FESCO to hire people with disabilities share the costs of running the centre.

FESCO works more broadly on promoting diversity in employment. In 2016, it established a department dedicated to the research and development of solutions to promote the employment of disadvantaged groups. FESCO regularly organizes dozens of activities to promote related policies, improve their understanding and facilitate their implementation by enterprises.

Key numbers


people with disabilities finding employment


companies supported


FESCO’s support programme creates more opportunities for people with disabilities to find jobs and improves inclusiveness of the labour market. For enterprises, the benefits lie in saving time and energy when searching for new talents, in cutting costs by reducing payments to the employment security fund and in ensuring compliance with laws and regulations. The programme also facilitates the implementation of national policies and contributes to the harmonious and sustainable development of the country.

FESCO was awarded the title of “National Advanced Unit in Disability Support” in 2019 for this program.

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