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Gi Group Academy

The skill shortages increasingly experienced on the Italian labour market moved the focus from companies to candidates. Through its Academy, GiGroup increases the chances for candidates to develop the right skill sets and find job opportunities more easily.

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The challenge

The Italian labour market has much changed in the last couple of years, requiring solving issues of skill shortages and mismatch.


The Gi Group Academy organises specific training courses for selected candidates in collaboration with user companies to identify the right job profiles and skill needs. The trainings are financed by Formatemp, the Italian bipartite body for training in the agency work sector.

The initiative started in the ICT sector, with a training path of 200 hours. Then it was expanded to other degrees and sectors.

Key numbers



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The Academy helps candidates to acquire new skills, position themselves at the best on the labour market and reduce the time of entry into the world of work. For companies, it enables access to talents with the right skill sets.

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