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Amongst the 5 million Polish people with disabilities, only a quarter are participating in the labour market. In 2009, Job Impulse (a Polish recruitment agency and a member of the national staffing association Polskie Forum HR) started "TAK" (Yes), a programme to promote the inclusion and participation of disabled workers by creating the conditions and environment for them and by educating and training clients (and their workforce) on how to recruit people with disabilities. Since then, Job Impulse has partnered with civil society, raised awareness on workplace diversity among their clients and placed over 500 people with disabilities in employment.

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The challenge

With a low unemployment rate, Poland is struggling in finding the workforce it needs. At the same time, there are about 5 million people with disabilities in Poland and only 25% of them are actually working. In Europe, the employment rate of people with disabilities reaches 48.7%.


In 2011, Job Impulse, a recruitment agency and member of national federation Polskie Forum HR, set up "TAKpełnosprawni" ("Yes to disabled employees"), a CSR program to promote employment and integration of people with disabilities in the workplace.
The program offers comprehensive support to companies in managing the recruitment of people with disabilities, from the audit of positions to recruitment, training and settlements with the State Fund for Rehabilitation of Disabled People. "TAKpełnosprawni" also aims to create a culture that is conducive for employees to declare their disabilities and guarantees them an environment respecting their needs.

Key numbers


employees with disabilities hired

  • 500 employees with disabilities hired
  • Increased awareness about the win-win benefits of recruiting people with disabilities
  • Better integration of disabled employees within their teams
  • Increasing number of partners joining the program
  • Recognition through several CSR awards
Country/ies of implementation
  • NGOs (Fundacja Integracja, Fundacja Aktywizacja, Come Closer to Disability initiative, Forum Odpowiedzialnego Biznesu, Karta Róźnorodności)