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The transformation of the world of work brought about by mega-trends, and notably by technological innovation, is also transforming the job market for workers who need to approach their professional career as, how to maintain “working continuity” rather than finding “a job for life”. The Adecco Group Italy has developed an innovative platform, PHYD, to support orientation and professional growth of future and current workers by helping them understand how to continuously adapt, develop and acquire skills and competences to maintain their employability.

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The challenge

The issue of the skills gap – the mismatch between skills that employers demand, and skills that job applicants possess – is particularly serious in Italy. Employers struggle to fill positions, job seekers have difficulty to find work. Job seekers need to be able to develop the right skills at the right time in order to gain access to employment and evolve professionally within a constantly changing labour market.


The Adecco Group has developed an innovative, life-long employability platform, PHYD. Launched mid-2019, PHYD is a “Phy-gital” project which combines a digital platform and a physical space located in Milan (the “PHYD Hub”).

  • Market Insights

PHYD provides jobseekers and workers with valuable insight, such as the market demand for a given profession, the expected skillset and degree of mastery, or the average salary for a particular industry. By providing this data, PHYD tries to ensure that jobseekers and workers will take more informed decisions about their career.

  • Profile Assessment

Each person creates a personal profile with information about their education, qualifications, work experience, and preferred types of jobs. The platform offers a mixture of self-assessment and standardised testing to determine their skills and mastery level. Leveraging a bespoke AI engine developed by Microsoft, PHYD provides an employability index, correlating their knowledge, hard and soft skills with the requirements of a given profession.

  • Skills Development

Thanks to its recommendation engine based on market data and information about the user, PHYD is able to suggests paths of development aimed at achieving highly in-demand and futureproof skills, facilitating access to training options from a variety of training partners.

Key numbers


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  • Jobseekers and workers gain an objective view of their position in the labour market by understanding their skills and employability.

  • They obtain up-to-date information on the skills requirements which chosen career paths and are guided towards relevant training opportunities.

  • It facilitates upskilling and re-skilling as it identifies transferrable skills therefore facilitating the transition from one occupational area to another.

  • Most common profiles: 48% Computer Scientists – 26% Industry 4.0

  • Most common occupation selected: Data Scientist – Web Content Manager

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